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I want to help you improve your emotional well-being by bridging the gap between wisdom and our life force called Eros. I believe in the healing power of the arts and humanities.

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My Story

  I'm an author, artist (music & films), and founder of The Unconflicted Soul. I hold a Bachelor's in Political Sciences and a Master's in History and Cinema from Sorbonne University. I'm also certified in Rapid Transformational Therapy & Hypnotherapy. I was born in Greece, but I have lived and worked work in Paris, France, in three languages internationally for the last decade. I'm a nomad at heart and what some people call a "multi-passionate" human. Coming from adversity, I've healed my inner life using arts & books as a self-development tool.  This is why today, I draw from humanities (history, philosophy, psychology, mythology, and comparative religion) and the arts to help my clients find fulfillment.



  I've always been curious and craved for an all-encompassing life where my intellect can meet my senses and, ideally, transcend both. Growing up in a big orthodox Greek family and having a turbulent and sorrowful childhood, I started seeking meaning in western philosophy and the arts before studying the classics. By the end of my teenage years, I became a pious believer, not in religion, but arts & humanities transforming power.

  During my life, an improbable journey of discovering different countries and individuals, I found out that most of us get out in the world feeling that we cannot be who we are in our wholeness. In other words, there's a price to pay when we decide to lead an authentic life. And an authentic life is the examined one, where we explore all the different parts of our multitudes. 

  My most important question in life has always been how can we integrate the different parts and live as an unconflicted whole? How do we be our undivided selves in our private and public lives?

  To the problem of living a divided life, I argue that we need a cultural solution: we collectively lack the culture that offers us a model to manage our paradoxes and handle our ambiguities. We have absolutely no education regarding emotional well-being or working on our differences. Our public life is simply the manifestation of our inner life. And in that way, this seemingly strictly personal issue becomes a political one: how do we expect to live peacefully when we're not at peace with ourselves? 

  Soon, I realized I wanted to improve the emotional well-being of others by inviting them to discover and handle their inner multitudes through the arts and humanities. And my journey as a healer has been unfolding since then. I founded The Unconflicted Soul in 2021, where we can understand and express our humanity. We can ultimately bridge the gap between our backstage and onstage life, between eros, the irrational driving force against death, and wisdom, our capacity to reason.

  I dream for this organization to become a sort of a new, religionless religion for worldly people, where humanities, arts, and even sciences are in the service of our eternal need for meaning and connection. 

May Wisdom and Eros be with you,



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(+33) 07 66 76 81 53 & (0030) 69 89 89 86 05

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