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The Unconflicted Soul

Founded in 2021 by Eleni Denephelis, the organization is devoted to helping us find wisdom, self-knowledge, freedom, courage, and connection so that we can live more fulfilling lives. We do so, by offering counseling and retreats.


Our mission is to become part of a new religion without religion for secular people who wonder, and where humanities, arts, and science are in the service of our eternal need for meaning and connection


Our vision is to help co-create a more compassionate and life-giving world by encouraging integrity, as well in private as in the public sphere, and the courage to act on it. 

Our 6 basic beliefs


We believe that humanities and arts are therapy and a self-development tool.


We believe in an integral approach to therapy and coaching that embraces all the aspects of our existence. 


We believe in the need to practice solitude and self-research to heal and live as all-encompassing, authentic human beings able to hold our paradoxes. 


We also believe in the importance of a community that will attend with honesty and compassion to express the most humane parts of ourselves.


We believe that humanities and art should meet religion to achieve eudaimonia, secular enlightenment. 


We believe that sensuality is part of our intelligence, and we should remove the stigma from our fleshly pleasures to wholly experience ourselves and the other.

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